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Let OC Jewelers  Design Your Next Masterpiece

The jeweler has always enjoyed a place of high honor and respect in the community, since the business deals in valuable and rare merchandise, the public associates the jeweler with prestige and trust, thereby enhancing a high community image, our craftsmanship is an art that is disappearing little by little so it is necessary to pass our knowledge and experience to new generations.


I am a Jewelers of America Certified Master Jeweler-Gemologist-Metals Professor CAD designer, I have been involved with the Jewelry Design and Manufacturing business for over 40 years, 20 years as Instructor sharing my knowledge and experience with people all over the Country and abroad.


We have a great experience appraising Estates, If you've inherited potentially valuable jewelry, one of your first priorities should be having it appraised.

There may be sentimental value attached to it. You might be entrusted to safeguard family heirlooms for future generations, or you may be expected to divide them up for the estate of the deceased. Perhaps you want to hold onto some as keepsakes.

Putting a value on inherited heirlooms requires a qualified professional and there is where we come in the picture.

all work done with total confidentiality!


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Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

Laboratory Grown Diamonds are identical to mined natural diamonds, except they are man-made in a lab and do not come from the earth. They are identical in their physical, chemical, atomic and optical properties, and are graded with the same 4C's.

Like diamonds mined from the Earth, lab grown diamonds, according to the Federal Trade Commission, are carbon crystallized in the isometric system with a hardness of 10 on the mohs scale, with a specific gravity of 3.52 and a refractive index of 2.42.

That’s a really scientific way of saying: there’s no difference chemically between a mined diamond and a lab grown diamond.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are sustainable, having zero ecological and ethical issues. It takes considerably less energy and resources to grow a diamond in a lab than to dig it out of the Earth.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

First, a high quality, lab-grown diamond seed is placed in a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) chamber, or greenhouse.Next, hydrogen is pumped into the chamber and ignited. Methane, which is the source of carbon for diamonds, is introduced, and the diamond is left to grow, layer by layer, for about 12 weeks.After growing, the rough diamond crystal is ready to be cut. Here’s where the skill of the diamond cutter comes into play. Using techniques that have been around for generations, expert diamond cutters cut, facet and polish the gemstones.

That’s it!  pretty simple! and, almost every lab grown diamond over is laser inscribed and lab graded, identifying it as lab grown. So they’re less expensive, environmentally friendly and conflict free. Sounds perfect!

Become a Jeweler - Learn a great trade!​

Learn from the best!

The objective of training is to develop specific and useful knowledge, skills and techniques. It is intended to prepare people to carry out predetermined tasks in well-defined job contexts. Training is basically a task-oriented activity aimed at improving performance in current or future jobs. 

Come and enter the world of art through the big door, my teaching method is practical, visual and direct with tools and materials that are used in this industry day by day.

Learn to be a jeweler

Captivating Designs by OC Jewelers

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