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Learn to be a jeweler


The jeweler has always enjoyed a place of high honor and respect in the community. Since the business deals in valuable and rare merchandise, the public associates the jeweler with prestige and trust, thereby enhancing a high community image.

Orlando Cajamarca provides a relaxed. "hands-on" workshop where experiential learning is the key to developing the skills needed to become a capable and professional jeweler. We guide you through every step with demonstrations and hands on projects to build your abilities and confidence to do high quality jewelry work.

Get hands-on training by a Master Jeweler with over 30 years of experience. Learn how to do repairs, wax carvings, casting of all metals, setting stones, and polishing.All equipment and materials are included in the training.

Jewelry Arts Bench Jeweler Course

Designed for hands on training in the art of jewelry with no previous experience necessary, projects in fabrication, repair, wax carving, designs, casting, soldering, colored stone, and diamond setting are designed to bring your skills to a level of acceptance for the industry.

Projects in manufacturing rings and pendants from flat metal stock are presented. Students learn to use a variety of tools and equipment including, the rolling mill, jewelers torch, flex shaft, polishers, and various hand tools and Laser Welding Machine

Repair exercises are designed to teach all aspects of repair needed in the jewelry industry.

Projects include sizing, re-shanking, re-tipping, building new prongs, basic fabrication,

soldering, jump rings, chain repair, four prong setting, and bezel settings. basic wax carving.

You will learn through simple projects how to carve rings and pendants in hard wax.

modify standard waxes made from rubber molds. Spruing of your projects to prepare them for casting. Students are encouraged to expand their abilities on their own wax projects. Creative techniques are developed to help in designing custom jewelry with basic four prong settings, and move to fancy cut stones such as Marquee, and Emerald cuts. Advanced techniques are taught in channel setting, bead setting, pave, and fishtail.


The Jewelers of America Certification program establishes national standards and administers tests to rate the talents and proficiency of bench jewelers.


Course Description

The first week of this course introduces the students into most jewelry making tools, hand tools, bench, motors, rolling mill, wax pot, vulcanizer, casting machine, polishing machine, ultrasonic, steam machine, plating machine and solutions, etc.

During the weeks that follow, you will exercise and practice the use of most tools and will see demonstrations of daily jewelry store tasks, from repairing chains, making bands, ring sizing, soldering settings, setting stones, replacing prongs, installing clasps, plating, etc.

Introduction to precious metals: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

Learn how to obtain the different Karats and Colors of Gold. Explanation of procedures working with hollow jewelry, general explanation of jewelry repairs. Findings, tools and other supplies and suppliers. Repair friendly and unfriendly stones.

Testing of metals: hands-on. Learn how to use acid testing techniques for separating the different karats of metal. Metals and oxidation. FTC rules and regulations, Trading of precious metals. Units of weight. Handling of shop sweeps, fillings and scraps for maximum recovery.

Cutting, drilling and filing: explanation and practice for the making of nameplates. Handmade letters, Layout. Completion and finishing procedures. making of bails and jump rings. Using round nose pliers and dowels. Single production and mass production. Methods explained and practiced.

Rings: Practice of single and multiple ring sizing. Hardening and annealing techniques explained and applied. Rings sizing of rings with stones, channel set and with low tolerance heat. Multiple exercises in rings: sizing rings up, down replacement of shanks in single rings. Shank replacement in wedding engagement rings. Create and assemble a solitaire ring. Making of a shank. Preparation of a finding. Attachment of setting, the student will learn how to handle the re sizing of a designer ring with a pattern Sizing up by matching an existing design.

Bracelets, Chains Pendants: Learn to make bracelets and chains starting from an idea. Replacing end caps. Installation and replacement of spring rings and lobster claws. Practice on fixing different types of chains. Curb link, box link, rope, Figaro, anchor, s link. Explanation of inner workings of clasps.

Making of hinges for bracelets. Mechanics and placement of a figure 8. Final assembly and high luster polishing for final presentation and delivery to the customer. students make a bezel by utilizing the sweat soldering technique. This bezel is worked into a custom made pendant in which the student has to hand fabricate the décor and bail. The bezel setting technique is also taught and practiced.

Hollow bangle, different repairs to be performed: Fixing dents, installing a safety chain. The student will learn how to solder a jump ring unto a hollow ball. Different ways of fixing a hollow bracelet or necklace will be practiced and a box clasp will be installed

ID Bracelet: This bracelet will be constructed by making a plate, attaching it to a chain using tubing and installing a hidden clasp and figure 8. The student will then learn the best way to solder initials on top of an identification plate.

Earrings: Practice for fixing, soldering and placing posts, creating a pair of earrings.

Stone setting: Techniques for setting stones in different setting styles. Replacement of existing stones. Learn to provide a seat for round stones. Prong setting.

Prong replacement: Exercises for prong replacement and re-tipping.

Melting Metals and Soldering Procedures: Preparation and cleaning of metals for soldering. Soldering is immediately introduced into the program. Students practice a wide variety of exercises hands-on. explanation and adjustment of the torch. Use of mold for making ingots. Use of the rolling mill for producing metal wires and plates.

Finishing of Castings: Introduction and explanation of castings and the most common tools used for finishing the pieces.

Rough castings will be cleaned, sanded, pre finished and polished ready for final delivery.

Final finish, Polishing: Finishing and marking jewelry in preparation for polishing. Polishing techniques, common tools, tumblers, chemicals and general use of equipment. Polishing with Tripoli and rouge. Finishes and Textures.

Ultrasonic and steam pressure machine: General information on use and common repairs.

Plating: Cleaning, electro stripping and plating with rhodium, copper, nickel and/or gold, will be explained. Plating demonstrated.

Watches: Hands on watchbands adjustment/ replacement and batteries replacement.

Sales Techniques: Sales techniques will take place in the premises with real customers in different areas of the training process.

SHOWS: The students will work on a project of their own and will finish it in a given time, the designed jewelry piece will be presented to the Family, friends and customers in a special event to take place in the Academy in the third month of training and before graduation time.


1 SandDiscs (fine)

1 Sil.7/8 wheel fine

1 Sil.7/8 knife fine

1 Sil.7/8 Wheel med

1 Sil.7/8 Knife Med

6 sanding disk Mandrel

1 Sep.Disc. 7/8

1 Arbor 1/2"

1 Sanding Drum 1/2"

1 Mini brush

1 Mini End brush

1 Burnisher

1 Cup Bur (set)

1 Hart Bur (set)

1 Ball Burs (set)

1 Bud Burs (set)

1 Setting Burs (set)

1 Vanadium Setting

1 Bees Wax

1 Twist drills #59

1 Visors

1 10X Loop

1 1/2 Round ring #4

1 Flat hand file #1

1 Needle (set) #4

1 File Cleaner

1 Fordom Kit

1 Mark-A-Size

1 Dividers

1 Digital Caliper

1 Finger Gauges

1 Stone Gauge

1 Hammer-Chasing

1 Hammer-Chasing

1 Mallet-Rawhide

1 Ring Mandrel

1 Mini Mandrels

1 Stone Remover

1 Half Round

1 Round Nose

1 Chain Nose

1 Bow Closing

1 Stone Setting

1 Side Cutters

1 Parallel Action

1 6" Diag.

1 Center Punch

1 Ring Clamp

1 Saw Blades 2/0

1 Saw Frame 2.5"

1 Stainless Tweezers

1 Insulated Tweezers

1 Pin Vise

1 Bench Mate

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