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Master Jeweler-Gemologist-Metals professor 

My journey begins far away in my childhood when I heard people at a local plaza talking in a different language, that called my attention and made me wish I had that ability. I asked who they are and what they do and one of the tourists who understood and spoke Spanish told me they were in a vacations trip coming from America and they were Jewelers based in California.

That day I started to dream about this wonderful Country and my dream came true in my late teens when I moved to USA to the State of California, I finished my High School then I went to the only Jewelers/Gemologists School at that time named GIA.

I finished my degree and started working in different Companies trying to gain experience, learn all about the trade, learn all tricks and secrets of this great art. I moved to Michigan and worked for one of the most prestigious Companies for few years and then moved on to open my own store, I have been teaching for over 20 years now and have won Design contests, recognitions, awards, etc.

This trade is the kind of art that requires passion, patience, knowledge and lots of love!

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